Facilitated Online Learning

Important information : online learner checklist

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we'd just like to let you know that over the last 6 months IPAA NSW and our learning providers have been investing heavily in remote technologies, including our eLearning capability and are available to provide advice and support for training via distance.

Webinar Delivery

In the current environment, we are conducting many of our courses online via webinar for NSW and QLD Government. We do this by using ZOOM, which enables us to divide participants into breakout "rooms" to facilitate group activities, which the facilitator as host can dip in and out of to observe and provide feedback.

Where face-to-face training is still desirable and able to go ahead, we also have technology to livestream training events in circumstances where participants need to attend remotely.

ZOOM Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom consists of a facilitator teaching the class to students who are dialled in remotely to the class session. Presentation slides and other digital files can be presented during the training session using the Zoom platform and the student may either focus on these resources or the facilitator.

To enable connection, you will require the following set-up:

- Sufficient internet connection – Zoom is successful on a 4G network. Any network better than 4G will enhance the student’s experience;
- A PC with a web-camera, microphone and the capacity to run the Zoom application to allow the facilitator to better interact with students in the same manner as a traditional classroom; and
- Sufficient sized monitor or screen to support the number of students in the room.

To discuss which learning is right for you and your team call IPAA NSW 02 8066 1900 or email us at learning@nsw.ipaa.org.au.