Individual Learning

Learn alongside your public sector peers with a facilitator skilled in keeping people engaged face-to-face or online

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace in an online environment with a range of modules that will both test and increase your knowledge 

In-House Learning

Learn alongside your departmental colleagues with content tailored for your organisation by our dedicated facilitators

When it comes to learning, at IPAA NSW we believe in the following characteristics of excellence (click to reveal):

Proceeds in incremental steps via iterative design which alternates between phases of learning and doing

Responds to the needs of the learner, providing efficient, effective and customised learning pathways

In the requirements, time and location of learning, assessment and certification

Efficiently utilising time, space, commitment, resources and money with the learner in mind

Providing opportunities for all learners to acquire the same information, engage in similar interactions, and experience the same service

Create learning experiences that are connected to workplace issues, problems and contexts or learner’s professional aspirations and interests