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The Public Sector Fundamentals Program (PSFP) has been designed by IPAA NSW with adult learning in mind. This means that you are not told what to think, rather, you are encouraged to think about your own experiences and how you would apply the content to your own practice.

Watch this quirky PSFP video:

The PSFP framework reflects the capabilities in the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. There are 16 modules and registration is FREE for all IPAA NSW professional and affiliate members.

The content in each module is aimed at familiarising you with the basic concepts within the context of the NSW public sector.

As an adult learner you are expected to be self-directed. Consequently, you are recommended to complete the two Ready2 modules (Ready2Learn and Ready2Serve). The Ready2Learn module reminds you that learning is a valuable skill and that the learning habits you acquired in school need to be modified so you can thrive as an adult learner. The Ready2Serve module provides the critical lens of public service through which to approach the learning.

You are in control of the pathway you take in the PSFP. Each module has a healthcheck – you should use this as a means of determining how confident you are in this subject. You’re asked to consider how you performed in the healthcheck and not simply the outcome.

Each module is short (no more than 20 minutes). It’s always a good habit to repeat the healthcheck to see how your confidence and awareness has improved. Access duration for each module is 365 days.

Click on the links below to register for Ready2 modules, PSFP modules and PSFP healthchecks:

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