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IPAA NSW Program Advisory Committee

IPAA NSW Program Advisory Committee's supports the organisation in creating its program of events and learning.  The Committee includes representatives from across the NSW public sector. 


  • John Hubby, Vice President, IPAA NSW Council, Deputy Secretary, Department of Communities & Justice 

Committee members

  • Michael Baldi, Ex Executive  Director, Strategic Human Resources, Department of Justice
  • Sonia Battye, Manager, Organisational Development, Department of Planning, Industry & Environment
  • Kylie Campbell, A/Executive Director, Human Resources, Department of Education
  • Samara Dobbins, Chief People Officer, Corporate & Ministerial Services, Department of Premier & Cabinet
  • Andrew Hubrechsen-Yung, Director, Human Resources, NSW Treasury 
  • Belinda Lawn, Chief People Officer, People & Culture, Department of Customer Service
  • Simon Officer, Ex Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Department of Planning & Environment
  • Annette Solman, Chief Executive, Health and Education Training Institute, Ministry of Health
  • Kirsten Watson, Chief People Officer, People & Culture, Transport of NSW