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Advanced Policy Development

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th May 2022 (9:00am to 5:00pm)

Delivered via Zoom interactive virtual workshop

Professional & Associate Members $1,380.00 (incl. GST)
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Non Members $1,600.00 (incl. GST)

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This course is also available for in-house delivery. For more information please contact the Learning team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected] for a quote.

Is this course right for you? 

Are you seeking the skills and knowledge that will help you advance your career in policy development?
This comprehensive, two-day interactive course will give you the skills you need to formulate, advise and implement strategy policy outcomes. 

Being you at your best means understanding all aspects of the policy-making process, including how policies are defined, developed, implemented and evaluated. In Advanced Policy Development, you’ll discover what impact the political system has on policy making, and the important role internal and external consultation plays in achieving policy objectives.

"I highly recommend the Advanced Policy course run by Dr Randal Stewart. The content is both challenging and enriching and is perfectly calibrated with the requirements of the NSW Public Sector."
Recent learner feedback

What will you learn? 

Sign up now to gain the skills and knowledge to: 

  • Collect, collate, and manage policy evidence and research
  • Use networking to lead consultation with other agencies, government, and industry to determine policy direction
  • Analyse policy problems using sophisticated information and data analysis techniques
  • Systematically analyse and catalogue tasks into manageable responsibilities
  • Formulate results-focused policy with implementation in mind from the outset
  • Develop and deliver high impact, persuasive policy messages appropriate to political and policy context
  • Construct and implement monitoring, review, and performance measures into policy work

Advanced Policy Development is created for people on the Highly Advanced level of the NSW Public Sector Capabilities Framework. You’ll achieve the focus capability of People management: People reform and change.

"Incredibly informative and informed facilitator, good sense of humour and excellent willingness to share more information, explore ideas and open to other thoughts."
Recent learner feedback

ZOOM Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom consists of a facilitator teaching the class to students who are dialled in remotely to the class session. Presentation slides and other digital files can be presented during the training session using the Zoom platform and the student may either focus on these resources or the facilitator. 

To enable connection, you will require the following set-up:

- Sufficient internet connection – Zoom is successful on a 4G network. Any network better than 4G will enhance the student’s experience;
- A PC with a web-camera, microphone and the capacity to run the Zoom application to allow the facilitator to better interact with students in the same manner as a traditional classroom; and
- Sufficient sized monitor or screen 

NSW Public Sector Framework Capabilities
This course is targeted at Highly Advanced level. The following behaviours from the framework are covered:

People Management: Manage Reform and Change

  • Drive a continuous improvement agenda, define high-level objectives and translate these into practical implementation strategies 
  • Build staff support for and commitment to announced change, and plan and prepare for long-term organisational change, with a focus on the wider political, social and environmental context 
  • Create an organisational culture that actively seeks opportunities to improve 
  • Anticipate, plan for and address cultural barriers to change at the organisational level

Benefits to your organisation

  • Staff who can undertake and analyse policy relevant research and evidence including the political implications of the policy being developed
  • Staff who can develop policy in a professional manner appropriate to the political, policy and stakeholder context.
  • Staff who understand the need to achieve policy results and know how to monitor, review and performance manage policy
Benefits to you
  • Increased confidence in undertaking complex policy tasks
  • Ability to lead a policy team in beginning, and developing and arguing a policy to a decision point
  • Ability to appreciate the results focus as the driver for policy achievability and measurability and for successful implementation

Course Facilitator

Dr Randal Stewart

Randal Stewart is an author, consultant and trainer specialising in public policy consulting and training, based in Canberra, ACT and Tweed Heads, NSW. Some of the emerging areas that Randal applies his experience include:

  • Public service policymaking in the digital age
  • Big data linkage to enhance research and overcoming bias in algorithmic regulation
  • Network governance and management for public service policymaking to engage and empower people in the policy process
  • Deepening outcomes-focused policy using new thinking, digital tools and new concepts and methods

Randal worked in politics at a young age starting as an adviser to federal and state politicians, observing politics from the inside. He embarked on an academic career beginning in development studies and living in the Highlands of PNG while researching a PhD on the coffee industry in PNG and Tanzania. Randal worked as an academic at the Australian National University, the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney.

Later he became a consultant and facilitator working with public sectors and with the governments of NSW, Northern Territory, Tasmania and extensively with the Commonwealth. His specialty is policy formulation and advice. He has worked in all areas of policy in the public sector, especially economic, regional and industry policy, as well as Indigenous and education policy. He has worked with most federal government agencies and many agencies at a state and local level. In 2020, Randal adapted his policy courses for online via ZOOM delivery and now offers face-to-face and online policy courses.


Randal has two podcasts of interest to all those who are obsessed with policy as much as he is. Firstly, a podcast called ‘Government Policy Articulated’ in which Randal reads Royal Commission, Public and parliamentary inquiry reports including on the Ruby Princess, Coercive control and COVID-19 hotel quarantine among many other topics. Secondly, ‘Researching Policy Articulated’, in which Randal reads a summary of cutting-edge policy articles and papers in short fifteen-minute podcasts.

"An outstanding facilitator - great breadth and depth of knowledge - with a focus on learning with immediate relevance to the work of attendees. And genuinely entertaining to boot! "
Recent learner feedback

Course Materials

All course materials (including the workbooks) will be made available through our digital learning space, Illuminate. Your Illuminate access details will be provided 7 days prior to the course date.

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23/05/2022 9:00 AM - 24/05/2022 5:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
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