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Leading and Managing Others Through Change

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Leading and Managing Others Through Change

Lead your team through change using neuroscience-backed tools and techniques.


Are you a people manager keen to learn how you can lead your team through change?

Would your work benefit from a stronger understanding of a neuroscience-backed understanding of how people respond to change and how you can lead more effectively?

Change management was identified by your public sector leaders as one of the Skills for Success essential for a career in the public service. No matter your field, you will go through or lead your team through change over the course of your career.

For leaders and managers keen to develop the skills to lead through change, this course is for you.


You will leave this course with neuroscience-backed tools and techniques to lead more effectively and empower your team to be more resilient during a change.

You will explore how change affects a workforce and receive practical tools to cope with change and develop an understanding of how emotional factors impact yourself and your team.

You will use role plays, self reflection, and practical case studies to apply your knowledge and receive actionable tools and techniques which you can apply immediately.

You will finish this course knowing you can:

  • develop a practical, neuroscience-based, understanding of the brain and how this knowledge can be applied to be more resilient, and lead more effectively in situations of change.
  • learn a suite of practical, neuroscience-based tools to enable and support staff through periods of even intense change.
  • develop thorough understanding of how change affects a workforce, and practical tools to cope with it.
  • learn practical techniques to deal with staff, peers and self, plus improved communication and listening skills.
  • understand the unique T.O.A.D.™ Coaching model to improve communication, leadership, resilience, and coping skills, and to get staff ready to take action.
  • understand of the importance of emotional factors upon yourself and others.
  • utilise practical coping skills and a personal action plan to take back to the workplace.


NSW Public Sector Commission Capability Framework

Leading and Managing Others Through Change is for people at the Intermediate to Advanced levels and you will develop the following capabilities:

  • People management: Manage reform and change
  • People management: Manage and develop people

The course is also mapped to IPAA's leadership topic area.

Be at your best, for NSW.
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One day course  Professional Member:  $1155.00 Affiliate Member:  $1300.00 Non-member:  $1465.00

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Be at your best, for NSW.
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Wednesday, 18 October 2023
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Full Day Course Professional Member: $1155.00 Affiliate Member: $1300.00 Non-member: $1465.00

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