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Conscious Inclusion

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Conscious Inclusion

Learn how you can build and inclusive and supportive environment.


Do you lead and manage a team or organisation?

Do you understand the term ‘conscious inclusion’ and why it matters?

Organisations looking to respond to uncertainty and changing demands need an environment that welcomes diversity and different perspectives. Beyond being aware of our biases, it is essential that leaders are equipped with ways to both interrupt bias and create an environment where differences and diversity are appreciated, and inclusion is promoted.

If you are a leader keen to ensure that your teams are inclusive and celebrate diversity, don’t miss this course.


You will leave this course with the skills to understand and assess your own biases and put into practice steps to increase inclusion in your workplace.

You will explore a series of experiential exercises and case studies to shine a light on how biases and assumptions arise at work and tools that you can use to help mitigate bias in your daily interactions.

You will finish this course knowing you can:

  • understand what is meant by the term “Conscious Inclusion” and why it matters.
  • recognise unconscious biases and how they affect organisational culture, organisational decision making and society more broadly.
  • explore the neuroscience of bias: identify the 12 cognitive biases.
  • discover the links between diversity, inclusion and bias.
  • examine the evidence and impact of unconscious bias and its influence on behaviours, morale and performance.
  • apply practical steps to increase inclusion in your workplace.


NSW Public Sector Commission Capability Framework

Title is for people at the Adept to Advanced levels and you will develop the following capabilities:

  • Personal attributes: Value diversity and inclusion
  • People management: Inspire direction and purpose

  • The course is mapped to IPAA's leadership topic area.
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