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Building High Trust Teams

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Building High Trust Teams

Learn the techniques to help your team be more cohesive and resilient.


Do you lead and manage a team?

Would your work benefit from learning the tools and techniques to help your team address change and challenge?

Are you keen to help your team be at their best by understanding the challenges impacting their individual and team wellbeing, and how to provide support, reset values and expectations, and build trust and effective communication?

For people managers working with high pressure teams or teams which have experienced change or challenging circumstances, don’t miss this course.


You will leave this course with the skills to enhance your capability to lead your team, overcome team challenges and build trust, and develop more effective team communication and performance.

You will also learn actionable tools and techniques on how to mend broken or struggling teams where there has been ineffective communication and collaboration or a lack of harmony.

You will finish this course knowing you can:

  • identify key challenges that can affect team cohesion and performance.
  • review the foundations for an effective team and audit your team.
  • develop confidence and skill in involving people and communicating to the team on expectations, current challenges and strategies for improvement.
  • develop and apply advanced assertiveness skills to deal with inappropriate behaviours impacting the team.
  • understand actions that support people to heal from past hurt and reset in order to reconnect with the team.
  • understand the importance of checking in, how to do it and how often.
  • facilitate resetting of behaviours and expectations within the team.
  • create accountability for all team members.
  • examine your own behaviour to enhance self-awareness and leadership skills.
  • identify when further support is required.


NSW Public Sector Commission Capability Framework

Building High Trust Teams is for people at the Adept to Advanced levels and you will develop the following capabilities:

  • People management: Manage and develop people
  • People management: Inspire direction and purpose
The course is also mapped to IPAA’s leadership topic area.


Course Details

This course is scheduled to demand.

If you are an individual, register your interest below and you will be notified when the next cohort is scheduled.

If you have a group of 5 or more, register your interest below for an in-house course and our Learning team will contact you.

Be at your best, for NSW.
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2 x Half Day course  Professional Member:  $845.00 Affiliate Member:  $950.00 Non-member:  $1065.00

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2 x Half Day Course Professional Member: $845.00 Affiliate Member: $950.00 Non-member: $1065.00

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